Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Inanity and Realia Return

I'm back. I've been well — thanks for asking. I've restored most of my previous posts which I had deleted in a fit of pique. Thankfully, there are couple of sites whose business it is to temporarily archive abstracts of weblog posts. I'm especially grateful to IceRocket.com and Technorati from which, together with my own backups, I was able to partially reassemble Tom's Compost.

I have some recent events and pent-up issues that will be shared soon. But fear not, the usual blend of News, Views, Pics, Poetry, Music, Fiction, and Inspiration will be as it once was: food for the mind, a banquet to the senses, and nourishment for the soul. (I must be hungry — those are all dietary metaphors.) Okay, maybe that's unabashed hyperbole. But here, before you read it on the walls of some public restroom, is the unvarnished truth: For a good time, click http://tdgibbs.blogspot.com/.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for using IceRocket!

Blake Rhodes